Own Affiliate Structure, Simple And Easy To Use
Configure Your Own Structure For Any Physical Or Digital Product from any Affiliate Marketing Platform In The World
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Affiliate love Centralizze... Here's Why?
Have your own structure without the need to register a domain You will have multiple domains available for all your products.
No need to use link shortener Here your website already looks like a website, you don't need to use bitly or similar.
Advertise on Google Adwords Without Fear Google doesn't like links from affiliate platforms, as there are thousands of people advertising with the same domain.
Start using your framework in less than 3 minutes. Here your page is ready! We've got it all ready for you to use - Automatic Sales Page Generator!
Get more control of your traffic Take full control of your website traffic through pixel, where you can easily remarket to your visitors.
You do it all in your phone If you don't have a laptop or computer, don't worry! At Centralizze, you can easily operate the platform using just your cell phone.
No more links blocked by Facebook Since you will not be using the product platform link, your chance of being blocked is slim to none.
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Chat with you (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram)
Centralizze is a simple, Pratical and Very Easy To Use Easy to Use Platform! Clone the producer page in a Few Minutes and Increase Your Sales!
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Learn About The Advantages Of Centralizze:

Have Your Own Structure in Affiliate Marketing
Start Using Your Structure in less than 5 Minutes
Chat with you (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram) on the Sales Page
Advertise on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Without Fear
Have More Control of Your Traffic
No need to use link shortener

Configure your Own Structure for Any Physical Or Digital Product from any affiliate marketing platform in The World
But That’s Not All
See What Our Producer And Affiliate Customers are saying!
"I've been using Centralizze since its launch, and I can say that it optimized my time and had an increase in the amount of sales due to 1 feature, the whatsapp button in the PV
"I'm loving Centralizze, I doubled my sales and I can control the entire audience, in addition to analyzing all the traffic on the pages, I can do my campaigns without fear for the right audience!"


"I thank the entire Centralizze team for the support and structure, which helped me increase my sales by 60% and all this for a symbolic value in exchange for a professional structure. Gratitude!"
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  • Chat with you (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram)
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  • Pixel Facebook
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  • Chat with you (Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Data protected on this site?

- Totally safe and secure! The platform that manages our payments is 100% reliable against scams.

How will I get access to my account?

- Access to your account is immadiately after confirmation of payment. The login and password is sent to your email and you can access it whenever you want from your computer, notebook, cellphone or tablet .

What are the forms of payments?

- We accept payments by credit card

How soon will I receive the login and password?

- In payment by card, the release is immediate.

Does Centralizze have a loyalty contract?

- No, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

I bought a lower plan but I want to upgrade, how to proceed?

-Just cancel your subscription and make a new one, your data will be kept and your own structure settings as well.

Still in doubt ?

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